Fully vaccinated people can meet indoors without masks — CDC
全面接种疫苗的人可以在室内见面,不用戴口罩--中国疾控中心-|-完全接种疫苗的人可以不戴口罩在室内见面——美国疾病控制与预防中心-|-完全接种疫苗的人可以在没有面具的情况下在室内见面 - CDC
People who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 can now visit the homes of other vaccinated people or even unvaccinated people who are at low risk of serious disease, according to new guidelines from the US public health authorities. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on Monday outlined for the first time how life can change now that about 9 per cent of Americans have been inoculated. According to the new guidelines, people who have had their final dose of a vaccine can after two weeks safely meet other fully-vaccinated people indoors without the need for masks or social distancing. The recommendations also say fully-vaccinated people can do the same with people who have not been vaccinated, as long as those who have not been vaccinated are not at high risk of serious disease. Dr Walensky said: “We believe these new recommendations are an important first step in our efforts to resuming everyday activities in our community.” The CDC’s recommendations are guidelines, and carry no legal weight. Several states have already begun opening up more quickly than national health authorities recommend, including Texas and Mississippi, which both announced last week they would now lift all coronavirus-related restrictions.
根据美国公共卫生当局的新指南,接种过Covid-19疫苗的人现在可以到其他接种过疫苗的人甚至是未接种疫苗的人家里去看望,这些人患严重疾病的风险很低。 美国疾病控制和预防中心主任Rochelle Walensky周一首次概述了现在大约9%的美国人已经接种了疫苗,生活如何改变。 根据新的指南,接种了最后一剂疫苗的人在两周后可以在室内安全地与其他完全接种疫苗的人见面,而不需要戴上口罩或拉开社交距离。建议还说,只要未接种疫苗的人没有患严重疾病的高风险,完全接种疫苗的人也可以与未接种疫苗的人做同样的事情。 Walensky博士说。"我们相信这些新建议是我们恢复社区日常活动的重要第一步。" 疾病预防控制中心的建议是指导方针,并不具有法律效力。有几个州已经开始比国家卫生当局建议的速度更快地开放,包括德克萨斯州和密西西比州,这两个州上周都宣布他们现在将取消所有与冠状病毒有关的限制。
European equity bourses rally as investors seek out cyclical stocks
Shares in companies whose fortunes are linked to economies reopening after the pandemic outperformed on Monday, sending European bourses that are stacked with industrial and financial services businesses sharply higher. Germany’s Xetra Dax index rose 3.4 per cent in late afternoon trade in Frankfurt, led by industrial, materials and financials groups. France’s CAC 40 gained 2.2 per cent, with its best performers including aircraft maker Airbus and lender Société Générale. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was the top performing major stock market, gaining 1.2 per cent. On the broader S&P 500, companies in the basic materials sector rose 1.9 per cent while the benchmark index added 0.6 per cent. The moves came after the US Senate approved President Joe Biden’s $1.9tn fiscal stimulus package and Italy approved the use of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine for over-65s. An index of US consumers’ sentiment towards economies reopening, produced by Swiss bank UBS, has risen to its highest level since April last year. Surveys used by the bank to produce the index indicated more than six in ten US citizens were now happy to return to workplaces while 36 per cent would be willing to go on holiday now, compared with about 20 per cent at the start of the year. Cyclical stocks, analysts at JP Morgan said in a research note, would likely “continue to lead” markets “as the business cycle strengthens.”
那些命运与经济在大流行后重新开放有关的公司股价周一表现优异,令工业和金融服务企业扎堆的欧洲股市大幅上涨。 德国Xetra Dax指数在法兰克福午后交易中上涨3.4%,工业、材料和金融集团领涨。 法国CAC 40指数上涨2.2%,表现最好的包括飞机制造商空客和贷款机构法国兴业银行。 在华尔街,道琼斯工业平均指数是表现最好的主要股市,上涨1.2%。在更广泛的标准普尔500指数上,基础材料行业的公司上涨了1.9%,而基准指数上涨了0.6%。 这些举动是在美国参议院批准了总统拜登的190万美元财政刺激计划,以及意大利批准65岁以上老人使用阿斯利康的冠状病毒疫苗之后发生的。 瑞士银行瑞银制作的美国消费者对经济重新开放的情绪指数已升至去年4月以来的最高水平。该银行用来制作该指数的调查显示,现在有超过十分之六的美国公民乐于回到工作岗位,同时有36%的人愿意现在去度假,而年初时这一比例约为20%。 摩根大通分析师在一份研究报告中表示,周期性股票很可能会 "继续引领 "市场,“随着商业周期的加强”。
Boris Johnson hails ‘cautious but irreversible’ return to normality
鲍里斯-约翰逊称赞 "谨慎但不可逆 "的回归常态-|-鲍里斯•约翰逊(Boris Johnson)欢呼“谨慎但不可逆转的”回归常态-|-Boris Johnson欢求谨慎但不可逆转的'返回正常性
Boris Johnson has welcomed the reopening of schools in England, calling it the first step on a “cautious but irreversible” return to normality after the worst phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Johnson praised parents and pupils for the work they had done during the lockdown, and said there would now be “a concerted national programme for educational recovery”. He said the reopening of schools would “have an impact on the spread of the virus”, with scientists expecting an uptick in infections. The prime minister said it was vital people adhered to lockdown rules and said that the next phase of reopening the economy would only take place once the latest coronavirus data had been taken into account. “At all times we will be driven by the data,” he said. “It’s more vital than ever to follow the rules.” Johnson said he would not deviate from the roadmap for lifting the lockdown by relaxing restrictions earlier than previously indicated. He added: "I think people would rather trade some urgency and haste in favour of security in terms of the dates we have set out. "I agree there are some encouraging signs. But the whole point is remember where we were last summer: the disease was much lower than we see today and then we saw the spike.” Johnson refused to get drawn into the row over the Royal Family, following the interview given by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Oprah Winfrey. The prime minister said he had “the highest admiration for the Queen” and the work she did for the country and the Commonwealth, but he had a long-standing principle of not commenting on “other matters relating to the royal family”.
鲍里斯-约翰逊对英格兰的学校重新开学表示欢迎,称这是Covid-19疫情最严重阶段后恢复正常的 "谨慎但不可逆 "的第一步。 约翰逊赞扬了家长和学生在封锁期间所做的工作,并表示现在将有“一个协调一致的全国教育恢复方案”。 他说,学校重新开学将“对病毒的传播产生影响”,科学家预计感染率会上升。 总理说,人们遵守封锁规则至关重要,并表示只有在考虑到最新的冠状病毒数据后,才会进行下一阶段的经济重新开放。 "在任何时候,我们都将被数据所驱动,"他说。"遵守规则比以往任何时候都更加重要。" 约翰逊表示,他不会偏离解除封锁的路线图,比之前表示的更早放松限制。 他补充说:"我认为人们宁愿用一些紧迫性和匆忙性来换取我们所规定的日期的安全。 "我同意有一些令人鼓舞的迹象。但整个问题是记住我们去年夏天的情况:疾病比我们今天看到的要低得多,然后我们看到了飙升。" 在哈里王子和梅根-马克尔接受奥普拉-温弗瑞的采访之后,约翰逊拒绝卷入皇室的争论。 首相表示,他“最钦佩女王”,以及她为国家和英联邦所做的工作,但他有一个长期的原则,即不评论“与王室有关的其他事项”。
New York City high schools to restart in-person learning this month
High school students in New York City will return to classrooms this month, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday. Students in grades nine and above will be able to return to school buildings on March 22, essentially ending coronavirus restrictions imposed upon the largest school district in the US. All school sports will be allowed to return in mid-April, de Blasio said. Middle school students — those in grades six to eight — were allowed to return to physical learning in late February, while those aged three and up to fifth grade were allowed to restart in-person learning during the first half of December. The gradual reopenings for students followed several false starts earlier in the year, and amid a countrywide surge in coronavirus cases. All school buildings in New York City closed for in-person learning on November 19.
纽约市市长比尔-德布拉西奥周一宣布,纽约市的高中生将于本月重返教室。 九年级及以上的学生将可以在3月22日返回学校建筑,基本上结束了对美国最大学区实施的冠状病毒限制。 德布拉西奥说,所有学校的体育活动将被允许在4月中旬回归。 初中生--六至八年级的学生--被允许在2月下旬恢复物理学习,而三岁至五年级的学生则被允许在12月上旬重新开始面授学习。 在今年早些时候,以及在全国范围内冠状病毒病例激增的情况下,学生们逐步重新开学,此前有几次假开学。11月19日,纽约市所有的学校建筑都关闭了面授学习。
Moderna to scale up vaccine production with Baxter deal
Moderna has teamed up with Baxter International to package nearly 100m doses of its coronavirus vaccine in the US this year, as the biotech group scales up its production to meet demand. The Massachusetts-based company has agreed that Baxter BioPharma, which specialises in vaccine production, will provide “fill and finish” services for as many as 90m doses of its jab. The accord includes sterile manufacturing and supply packaging at Baxter’s Indiana plant. No value for the deal was given. “We welcome the opportunity to work with Baxter BioPharma Solutions on fill and finish manufacturing for the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine in the US,” said Juan Andres, Moderna’s chief technical operations and quality officer. “This additional production will help us continue to scale up our manufacturing capacity.” The US has approved the Pfizer/BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson vaccines along with the Moderna shot, but has not yet given the green light to the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab. The latest figures from the FT virus tracker show that the US has administered nearly 90m vaccines, out of the more than 305m given worldwide. That figure equates to 27.3 per 100 residents, putting it behind the UK, Israel and the United Arab Emirates on that metric.
Moderna与百特国际合作,今年将在美国包装近1亿剂冠状病毒疫苗,因为该生物技术集团将扩大生产规模以满足需求。 这家总部位于马萨诸塞州的公司已经同意,专门从事疫苗生产的百特生物制药公司将为其多达9000万剂的注射剂提供 "灌装和完成 "服务。该协议包括在Baxter的印第安纳工厂进行无菌生产和供应包装。没有给出交易的价值。 "我们欢迎有机会与百特生物制药解决方案公司合作,在美国为Moderna Covid-19疫苗进行灌装和完成生产,"Moderna的首席技术运营和质量官Juan Andres说。"此次增产将帮助我们继续扩大生产能力。" 美国已经批准了辉瑞/BioNTech和强生公司的疫苗以及Moderna注射剂,但尚未对牛津/阿斯利康的注射剂开绿灯。 FT病毒追踪器的最新数据显示,在全球超过3.05亿支疫苗中,美国已经接种了近9000万支疫苗。这一数字相当于每100名居民中有27.3人接种疫苗,使其在这一指标上落后于英国、以色列和阿拉伯联合酋长国。
Austria halts use of AstraZeneca vaccine batch
The European Medicines Agency is weighing up whether to take further action as one person died and another was severely ill in Austria after being given AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. Both people had received shots from the same batch of vaccines, ABV 5300, which has also been delivered to other countries across Europe, the EMA told the Financial Times. The EMA and the Austrian regulator said there was no evidence that the vaccine had caused the incidents, but the Austrian authorities have halted use of the batch as a precaution. One woman, 49, died as a result of “severe coagulation disorders”, while another, 35, developed a pulmonary embolism but was recovering, the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Health Care said on Sunday. Both had received the vaccine before to the events, it said. The EMA said its pharmacovigilance risk assessment committee was reviewing the reports in order to consider whether any action should be taken across the EU. The batch consists of about 1m doses, according to a person familiar with the matter, with about 48,000 doses delivered to Austria. AstraZeneca said it was in touch with Austrian regulators, adding that there have been “no confirmed serious adverse events” associated with its vaccine to date. Trials and real world evidence “have concluded that the . . . vaccine is safe and effective”, it said. The AstraZeneca vaccine has been administered to millions of people worldwide and has shown a consistent safety profile. No deaths have been attributed directly to any Covid-19 vaccination anywhere in the world. The Austrian regulator said thrombotic events like those described on Sunday are “not among the known or typical side effects of the vaccine in question”. It noted clinical trial data did not show “any worrying data or signals” in this respect when compared with placebo patients. Work was under way “at full speed” to exclude a possible connection, it added.
欧洲药品管理局正在权衡是否采取进一步的行动,因为奥地利有一人死亡,另一人在服用阿斯利康公司的Covid-19疫苗后病情严重。 欧洲药品管理局告诉《金融时报》,两人都接受了同一批疫苗ABV 5300的注射,该疫苗也已交付给欧洲其他国家。 EMA和奥地利监管机构表示,没有证据表明该疫苗导致了这些事件,但奥地利当局已经停止使用该批次疫苗作为预防措施。 奥地利联邦医疗安全办公室周日表示,一名49岁的妇女因 "严重的凝血障碍 "而死亡,另一名35岁的妇女出现肺栓塞,但正在康复中。两人都收到了疫苗前到事件,它说。 EMA 表示,其药物警戒风险评估委员会正在审查报告,以考虑是否应在整个欧盟采取任何行动。据一位知情人士透露,这批疫苗由约100万剂组成,其中约有4.8万剂交付给奥地利。 阿斯利康表示,它正在与奥地利监管机构联系,并补充说,到目前为止,其疫苗“没有确认的严重不良事件”。试验和现实世界的证据 "已经得出结论,......疫苗是安全和有效的",它说。 阿斯利康疫苗已在全球范围内为数百万人接种,并显示出稳定的安全性。没有死亡直接归因于任何Covid-19疫苗接种在世界任何地方。 奥地利监管机构表示,像周日描述的血栓事件“不属于有关疫苗的已知或典型副作用”。它指出,与安慰剂患者相比,临床试验数据没有显示这方面的“任何令人担忧的数据或信号”。它补充说,正在 "全速 "开展工作,以排除可能的联系。
ECB slows asset purchases despite bond market tensions
The European Central Bank has slowed the pace of its bond purchases for a second week even as a sell-off in debt markets raises concerns among policymakers that rising borrowing costs will hamper the eurozone’s recovery. The ECB bought €11.9bn of bonds under its pandemic emergency purchase programme in the week to Wednesday, from €12bn the previous week and below the €18.1bn weekly average since the programme started in March a year ago, data released on Monday showed. The ECB has promised to maintain “favourable financing conditions” but the pace of its bond buying shows no sign that it is using the almost €1tn of firepower left in its €1.85tn PEPP scheme to push back against rising borrowing costs in Europe. “Frankfurt, we got a problem,” tweeted Frederik Ducrozet, strategist at Pictet Wealth Management. After “a second consecutive week of very low net PEPP purchases ... despite dovish rhetoric,” Ducrozet said, “it’s a matter of consistency to put your money where your mouth is if you want to be credible. The risk is that they have to do more eventually.” The sell-off in bond markets has spread from the US, where it is being fuelled by expectations that a sharp economic recovery will reignite inflation that eats into fixed interest payments on bonds. But the eurozone economy is still weighed down by restrictions to contain the coronavirus pandemic so its growth and inflation are recovering more slowly, leading senior ECB policymakers to say the steepening of yield curves is unjustified and unwelcome. ECB president Christine Lagarde is expected to be asked about its tolerance for higher borrowing costs at a press conference after its next monetary policy meeting on Thursday.
欧洲央行已连续第二周放缓购债步伐,即使债市抛售令决策者担心借贷成本上升将阻碍欧元区复苏。 欧洲央行周一公布的数据显示,截至周三的一周,欧洲央行根据其流行病紧急购买计划购买了119亿欧元的债券,低于前一周的120亿欧元,也低于一年前3月该计划启动以来每周181亿欧元的平均水平。 欧洲央行承诺将维持“有利的融资条件”,但其购债步伐并没有迹象显示其正在利用18.5万欧元的PEPP计划所剩的近10万欧元火力来回击欧洲借贷成本的上升。 "法兰克福,我们有麻烦了,"Pictet Wealth Management的策略师Frederik Ducrozet在推特上说。在 "连续第二周出现极低的PEPP净购买量......尽管有鸽派言论,"Ducrozet表示,"如果你想让人信服,就得把钱放在嘴边,这是一个一致性的问题。风险在于,他们最终不得不做更多的事情。" 债券市场的抛售已从美国蔓延开来,美国经济急剧复苏将重燃通胀的预期助长了债券的固定利息支付。 但欧元区经济仍受遏制冠状病毒大流行的限制所拖累,因此其经济增长和通胀恢复较慢,导致欧洲央行高级决策者表示,收益率曲线的陡峭化是不合理的,也是不受欢迎的。 欧洲央行总裁拉加德(Christine Lagarde)预计将在周四下一次货币政策会议后的新闻发布会上被问及对较高借贷成本的容忍度。
Tech stocks under pressure as investors digest impact of $1.9tn US Covid relief plan
Investors retreated from US tech stocks on Monday as rising government bond yields put pressure on growth companies’ valuations. An index tracking the top 100 stocks on the technology-focused Nasdaq Composite fell 0.8 per cent in early dealings, while the broader S&P 500 traded flat. The yield on 10-year Treasury bonds rose 0.03 percentage points to 1.584 per cent, having started February at 0.9 per cent. Investors have sold Treasuries rapidly in the past few weeks in the belief that Joe Biden’s $1.9tn coronavirus relief package will cause a jolt in US inflation, eroding the value of bonds’ fixed interest payments. Tech companies’ shares are particularly sensitive to Treasury yields, which inform the discount rate used to value businesses’ future cash flows. Lower yields prompt investors to pay higher valuations for shares in companies whose peak earnings prospects are years into the future. The US central bank is still spending at least $120bn a month buying Treasuries and other financial assets to support markets, in a programme it began in March last year in response to the pandemic. The Federal Reserve has not moved to discourage the Treasury sell-off, however, therefore “tacitly endorsing higher bond yields,” according to analysts at TD Securities. European stock markets outperformed on Monday, however, led by shares in companies that investors expect to do well when lockdowns end. The Stoxx 600 benchmark gained 1.3 per cent, led by financial, consumer and industrial stocks.
投资者周一从美国科技股中撤退,因为政府债券收益率上升给成长型公司的估值带来压力。 追踪以科技为重点的纳斯达克综合指数前100名股票的指数在早盘交易中下跌0.8%,而更广泛的标普500指数交易平淡。 10年期国债收益率上涨0.03个百分点,至1.584%,2月份初为0.9%。投资者在过去几周迅速抛售国债,认为乔-拜登的1.9tn冠状病毒救助方案将导致美国通胀猛增,侵蚀债券的固定利息支付价值。 科技公司的股价对国债收益率特别敏感,国债收益率是用于评估企业未来现金流的贴现率的参考。较低的收益率促使投资者为那些盈利前景峰值在未来数年内的公司股票支付更高的估值。 美国央行仍在每月花费至少1200亿美元购买国债和其他金融资产以支持市场,这是去年3月开始的应对疫情的计划。不过,美联储并未采取行动阻止国债抛售,因此“默许债券收益率走高”,道明证券分析师称。 不过,欧洲股市周一的表现优于预期,投资者预期在锁定期结束后会有良好表现的公司股票领涨。Stoxx 600基准指数上涨1.3%,金融、消费和工业股领涨。
Scotland condemns football fans’ victory celebrations in Glasgow
The Scottish government has condemned as an “absolute disgrace” weekend celebrations by fans of Glasgow’s Rangers Football Club, saying the club had ignored reminders to advise supporters not to break coronavirus lockdown rules. The administration would be making clear its “extreme disappointment at the lack of leadership” to the team management, said deputy first minister John Swinney at a coronavirus briefing, after fans on Sunday celebrated Rangers winning the Scottish Premier League for the first time in a decade. Thousands of Rangers supporters gathered in central Glasgow and outside the club’s Ibrox stadium, prompting criticism from some residents and politicians of the club and the police for failing to stop the celebrations. “The behaviour of some fans has been an absolute disgrace and has undoubtedly cast a shadow over what should have been a special day for the team,” Swinney said. “The government and Police Scotland reminded Rangers of the need for the club to advise fans to adhere to the current restrictions. “It is a matter of profound regret that that did not happen,” he added. In a statement on Monday, Rangers stopped short of condemning the gatherings, instead noting the “great frustration” of its season ticket holders at not being able to watch the team in stadiums this year. The club said it had “proactively engaged” with the government and police “in relation to maintaining a cohesive message regarding public safety”. Asked about the potential for celebrations on Friday, club manager Steven Gerrard said everybody had to abide by the regulations and respect social distancing, but that dealing with such things was for “people higher up the club than me”. “People have to understand the situation our fans are in and what they’ve been through,” he said.
苏格兰政府谴责格拉斯哥流浪者足球俱乐部的球迷周末庆祝活动是“绝对的耻辱”,称俱乐部无视提醒,建议支持者不要违反冠状病毒锁定规则。 行政部门将向球队管理层表明其“对缺乏领导力的极度失望”,副第一部长约翰-斯温尼在冠状病毒通报会上说,周日球迷们庆祝格拉斯哥流浪者队十年来首次赢得苏格兰超级联赛。 数千名格拉斯哥流浪者队的支持者聚集在格拉斯哥市中心和俱乐部的伊布克斯体育场外,引起了一些居民和俱乐部的政治家的批评,警方未能阻止庆祝活动。 "一些球迷的行为绝对是一种耻辱,无疑给本该是球队特殊的一天蒙上了一层阴影。"斯温尼说。"政府和苏格兰警方提醒格拉斯哥流浪者俱乐部需要建议球迷遵守目前的限制。 "他补充说,"这是一个非常遗憾的事情,没有发生,"。 在周一的一份声明中,格拉斯哥流浪者队不再谴责这些集会,而是指出其季票持有者对今年无法在体育场内观看球队的“巨大挫折感”。 俱乐部表示,它已经与政府和警方“积极主动地接触”,“在公共安全方面保持一致的信息”。 当被问及周五可能出现的庆祝活动时,俱乐部经理杰拉德表示,每个人都必须遵守规定,尊重社会距离,但处理这种事情是 "比我更高级的人 "的事。 "人们必须理解我们球迷的处境,以及他们所经历的事情。"他说。
Syria’s Assad and first lady infected with coronavirus
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and first lady Asmaa have tested positive for coronavirus. The couple is in a stable condition, the presidency said on Monday, and expected to continue working while in quarantine for two to three weeks. A decade of civil war has pulverised Syria’s healthcare system, while its dire economic crisis has left the government with scant resources to purchase vaccines. Syria leveraged a prisoner swap with Israel to secure a batch of Russian-made Sputnik V vaccines last month. The World Health Organization said that Syria is set to be allocated an initial 1m Astra Zenaca doses through the multilateral Covax programme. They will however only cover “the first 3 per cent of the population”, which would be those in high risk categories. It is unclear exactly when the shots will arrive. a vaccine alliance with the goal of increasing access to immunisation in poor countries The health ministry has reported fewer than 16,000 people have contracted coronavirus in government-held Syria since the pandemic’s outbreak. Cases are widely believed to be under-reported. Coronavirus has exacerbated a terrible humanitarian situation in poverty-stricken Syria. The war’s cost has exceeded $1tn, international aid organisation World Vision has estimated, while the UN’s World Food Programme has found that nearly 60 per cent of the population cannot get sufficient food to eat. Assad has been shunned by the west since his regime’s crackdown on protests in 2011 deteriorated into bloody civil strife, and he and his allies are subject to financial sanctions by the US and EU. But thanks to military intervention by allies Iran and Russia, Assad has won back most of the cities that fell to opposition. Only north-west Syria is held by rebels fighting the regime.
叙利亚总统巴沙尔-阿萨德和第一夫人阿斯玛亚的冠状病毒检测呈阳性。 总统府周一表示,这对夫妇情况稳定,预计在隔离两到三周的时间里,他们将继续工作。 十年的内战使叙利亚的医疗系统粉身碎骨,而其严峻的经济危机使政府购买疫苗的资源匮乏。 叙利亚上个月利用与以色列交换囚犯的方式,获得了一批俄制斯普特尼克五型疫苗。 世界卫生组织表示,叙利亚将通过多边Covax计划获得100万支阿斯利康疫苗的初始分配。然而,他们将只覆盖 "前3%的人口",这将是那些在高风险类别。目前还不清楚具体何时会到达的镜头。 疫苗联盟的目标是提高贫困国家的免疫接种率。 卫生部报告说,自疫情爆发以来,在政府控制的叙利亚,只有不到1.6万人感染了冠状病毒。人们普遍认为病例报告不足。 冠状病毒加剧了贫困的叙利亚可怕的人道主义状况。 国际援助组织 "世界展望 "估计,战争造成的损失已超过10亿美元,而联合国世界粮食计划署发现,近60%的人口无法获得足够的食物。 自2011年阿萨德政权对抗议活动的镇压恶化为血腥的内乱以来,西方国家一直对他避之唯恐不及,他和他的盟友也受到美国和欧盟的金融制裁。 但由于盟友伊朗和俄罗斯的军事干预,阿萨德已经赢回了大部分落入反对派手中的城市。只有叙利亚西北部被与政权作战的叛军控制。
Italy approves use of AstraZeneca jab on over-65s
意大利批准在65岁以上的老人身上使用阿斯利康的刺刀-|-意大利批准65岁以上人群使用阿斯利康疫苗-|-意大利批准超过65岁的Astrazeneca jab
Italy has approved the use of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for the over 65s, becoming the latest European country to give a green light for its use on older people after several countries had initially raised concerns about its effectiveness. Italy’s decision comes more than a month after the European Medical Authority approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for everyone aged over 18, and more than three months after it was approved in the UK. “Further scientific evidence now available not only confirms the favourable safety profile of the vaccine but indicates that, even in subjects over 65 years, the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine is able to induce significant protection,” said Italy’s Superior Council of Health. Before the EMA approved the vaccine for general use, French president Emmanuel Macron had previously claimed that the AstraZeneca vaccine was “quasi-ineffective” for people aged over 65, a claim he has since rowed back on. Medical professionals in Europe have since blamed concerns in part prompted by these comments by senior European leaders for large amounts of the AstraZeneca vaccine remaining unused in many countries. Only a quarter of Italy’s supply has been administered. Last week Italy blocked a shipment of 250,000 of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, arguing that the shipment should not be permitted as the company had delivered significantly fewer doses to the EU than it had promised.
意大利已经批准65岁以上老年人使用阿斯利康Covid-19疫苗,成为最新一个为老年人使用该疫苗开绿灯的欧洲国家,此前有几个国家最初曾对该疫苗的有效性表示担忧。 意大利的决定是在欧洲医学管理局批准阿斯利康疫苗适用于18岁以上的所有人一个多月后做出的,而在英国批准该疫苗三个多月后。 "现在已有的进一步科学证据不仅证实了疫苗有利的安全性,而且表明,即使是65岁以上的受试者,接种阿斯利康疫苗也能够引起显著的保护。"意大利高级卫生委员会说。 在EMA批准该疫苗普遍使用之前,法国总统埃马纽埃尔-马克龙曾声称,阿斯利康疫苗对65岁以上的人“准无效”,此后他对这一说法进行了反驳。 此后,欧洲的医疗专业人士将许多国家大量阿斯利康疫苗仍未使用的原因,部分归咎于欧洲高级领导人的这些言论所引发的担忧。意大利的供应量中只有四分之一的疫苗得到了管理。 上周,意大利阻止了一批运往澳大利亚的25万支阿斯利康疫苗,认为不应允许这批疫苗运往澳大利亚,因为该公司向欧盟交付的疫苗数量大大少于其承诺的数量。
BoE’s Bailey raises inflation concern as recovery hopes intensify
The Bank of England governor signalled renewed concern about the possibility of accelerating inflation as the UK economy recovers from the coronavirus crisis, saying that risks are “increasingly two-sided”. The central bank is not about to raise interest rates in response to a rapid recovery, Andrew Bailey stressed, and would need to see “clear evidence” that inflation would be sustainable at the 2 per cent target before it moved. But he highlighted that the BoE was undertaking work on the preparations for negative interest rates if the recovery disappoints and on how best to tighten policy if rapid spending growth in a recovery raises inflationary pressures. “These decisions are detached from our current or likely policy decisions,” the governor said on Monday at a Resolution Foundation event. “But [they] do recognise the increasingly two-sided nature of the risks we face, as we hope and expect to see the economy get over Covid,” In the past month, financial market expectations of future inflation and interest rates have risen sharply on the back of a vaccine-fuelled improvement in the economic outlook. Government borrowing costs were largely unmoved after Bailey’s speech, rising 0.01 percentage points to 0.77 per cent for 10-year debt. These interest rates have risen by more than 50 per cent over the past month as investors expect a more rapid recovery and begin to worry about inflation eroding the value of their investments.
英国央行行长表示,随着英国经济从冠状病毒危机中复苏,英国央行再次担忧通胀加速的可能性,称风险“越来越具有两面性”。 贝利(Andrew Bailey)强调,央行并不打算为应对快速复苏而加息,需要看到 "明确的证据 "表明通胀在2%的目标上是可持续的,才会有所行动。 但他强调,英国央行正在进行如果复苏令人失望时的负利率准备工作,以及如果复苏中支出快速增长会增加通胀压力时如何最好地收紧政策。 "这些决定脱离了我们当前或可能的政策决定,"该行长周一在决议基金会的一次活动上表示。"但[它们]确实认识到我们面临的风险越来越具有两面性,因为我们希望并期待看到经济摆脱Covid," 过去一个月,在经济前景改善的疫苗推动下,金融市场对未来通胀和利率的预期大幅上升。 贝利讲话后,政府借贷成本基本未受影响,10年期债务上升0.01个百分点至0.77%。这些利率在过去一个月里上涨了50%以上,因为投资者预期经济复苏会更快,并开始担心通货膨胀会侵蚀他们的投资价值。
Dollar rises to 3-month high on US stimulus plans
The US dollar hit its strongest level in more than three months after President Joe Biden’s $1.9tn stimulus package passed the US Senate, causing stocks and bonds to sell off and prompting investors to park funds in the haven currency. The dollar index, which measures the unit against a basket of trading partners’ currencies, rose 0.3 per cent on Monday to its highest since late November. This helped push gold, which often reacts inversely to the dollar because the precious metal is priced in the US currency, to a fresh low for 2021 of $1,691 per ounce. Yields on US Treasuries added 0.06 percentage points to just over 1.6 per cent, as investors sold out of the debt because of expectations the stimulus will lead to a jolt of inflation. Futures markets signaled the S&P 500 would fall 0.8 per cent when New York opens for trade and that there would be a likely selloff of technology stocks whose high valuations had been underpinned by ultra-low bond yields. Economists at Goldman Sachs, led by Jan Hatzius, forecast a “hiring boom” this year in the US, driven by “fiscal stimulus and pent-up savings” that “should fuel very strong demand growth”, they said.
美元创下三个多月来的最强水平,此前美国总统拜登(Joe Biden)的190万美元经济刺激计划在美国参议院获得通过,导致股市和债券遭到抛售,并促使投资者将资金存放在避风港货币上。 衡量该单位兑一篮子贸易伙伴货币的美元指数周一上涨0.3%,至11月底以来最高。这有助于推动黄金创下2021年的新低,即每盎司1691美元,因为贵金属是以美元定价的,所以经常对美元作出相反的反应。 美国国债收益率增加0.06个百分点,至略高于1.6%,因投资者因预期刺激措施将导致通胀猛增而抛售该债。期货市场表示,纽约开盘时标普500指数将下跌0.8%,科技股可能会遭到抛售,这些股票的高估值一直受到超低债券收益率的支撑。 高盛以Jan Hatzius为首的经济学家预测,在 "财政刺激和积蓄 "的推动下,今年美国将出现“招聘热潮”,“应该会刺激非常强劲的需求增长”,他们说。
UK consumer confidence climbs to pandemic high
UK consumer confidence rose to its highest level in February since the pandemic started, propelled by the looming relaxation of lockdown restrictions coupled with extended government support, a YouGov poll showed. YouGov’s index for consumer confidence rose to 105.4, up 2 points on the previous month, as expectations for business activity, house prices and household finances over the next year brightened. A score over 100 means more consumers are feeling confident than not. The largest boost came from workers who believe activity at their employer will be higher a year from now, as the UK’s vaccination programme provides a path out of lockdown restrictions. Last month Boris Johnson revealed plans for a complete lifting of virus restrictions no earlier than June 21. The measure of job security also improved in February amid speculation — which was subsequently proved right — that the chancellor would extend the furlough scheme for workers in hospitality and other industries hard hit by the pandemic. “With the furlough scheme extended, the strength of the vaccine rollout and the recently announced roadmap out of lockdown, it would be surprising not to see these numbers improve even more as we head into the spring,” said Darren Yaxley, director of reputation research at YouGov.
YouGov的一项调查显示,英国消费者信心在2月升至疫情开始以来的最高水平,受即将放松封锁限制加上政府扩大支持的推动。 YouGov的消费者信心指数升至105.4,较上月上升2点,因对未来一年的商业活动、房价和家庭财务状况的预期明亮。得分超过100分意味着更多的消费者有信心。 最大的提振来自工人,他们认为一年后雇主的活动会更高,因为英国的疫苗接种计划提供了一条摆脱封锁限制的道路。上个月,鲍里斯-约翰逊透露了不早于6月21日全面解除病毒限制的计划。 2月份,在猜测--随后被证明是正确的--大法官将延长针对酒店业和其他受疫情严重影响的行业工人的休假计划的情况下,工作保障措施也得到了改善。 "随着休假计划的延长,疫苗推广的力度以及最近宣布的路线图脱离封锁,随着我们进入春季,如果不看到这些数字有更大的改善,那将是令人惊讶的,"YouGov的声誉研究总监Darren Yaxley说。
Nasdaq futures and Treasury prices slide on stimulus progress
Nasdaq futures sustained a fresh jolt of selling on Monday, signalling further falls for once high-flying tech stocks, as bond yields climbed after the Senate passed Joe Biden’s $1.9tn stimulus bill. Traders pushed Nasdaq 100 futures down about 2 per cent in early European trading, suggesting the tech-focused index could drop further after sliding around 8 per cent over the past three weeks. Big technology names have tumbled in recent sessions, with electric carmaker Tesla down around a third from the peak it hit in February and Cathie Wood’s high-profile Ark Innovation ETF also sinking. The market volatility has come as rising expectations for economic growth and inflation have sparked a sharp sell-off in US government debt. The selling continued on Monday, with the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury rising 0.04 percentage points to above 1.6 per cent. The yield is close to its highest level in a year after starting 2021 near 0.9 per cent. Higher borrowing costs are typically considered to be bearish for expensive portions of the equity market because they reduce the value today of future cash flows. This has had a particularly sharp effect on the biggest gainers since the trough last March as many now trade at elevated levels compared with their earnings and revenues expectations. Read more here
纳斯达克指数期货周一持续遭到新一轮卖盘冲击,预示着一度高歌猛进的科技股将进一步下跌,因为在参议院通过乔-拜登的190万美元刺激法案后,债券收益率攀升。 交易商在欧洲早盘将纳斯达克100指数期货推低约2%,暗示该科技股指数在过去三周下滑约8%后可能进一步下跌。 大的科技类股在最近几个交易日中跌跌不休,电动汽车制造商特斯拉较2月创下的峰值下跌了约三分之一,凯西伍德备受瞩目的方舟创新ETF也在下挫。 市场波动的原因是对经济增长和通胀的预期上升,引发了美国国债的大幅抛售。周一抛售继续,基准10年期国债收益率上涨0.04个百分点至1.6%以上。该收益率接近2021年年初0.9%附近后一年来的最高水平。 较高的借贷成本通常被认为是看空股市中昂贵的部分,因为它们降低了未来现金流的今天价值。这对自去年3月低谷以来涨幅最大的公司产生了特别尖锐的影响,因为与他们的盈利和收入预期相比,许多公司现在的交易水平升高。 点击这里阅读更多
One year ago today
The Financial Times has been your guide to the pandemic since the first outbreak was detected over a year ago. Here are some of the developments we were reporting on a year ago today:
  • The World Health Organization confirmed the global number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 had surpassed 100,000

  • Ten people in China died and 23 remain trapped in a collapsed hotel that was repurposed as a quarantine site for patients suspected of having coronavirus

  • Germany reported the number of coronavirus cases had risen to 847, an increase of 50 within a day

  • UK supermarket chain Tesco implemented a rationing policy across products such as long-life milk, dried pasta and anti-bacterial products as panic buying stripped shelves of goods

  • Italy imposed a lockdown on a swath of its prosperous north to contain a worsening outbreak of the coronavirus, as a jump in the number of deaths and infections made it the worst-hit country outside China

  • The White House said Donald Trump had not been in “close proximity” to a person who tested positive for coronavirus after returning from a four-day conservative conference outside Washington

For all the latest on the pandemic, visit the FT’s coronavirus home page
  • 世界卫生组织确认了全球确诊病例的数量已超过100例。000

  • 中国有10人死亡,23人仍被困在一家倒塌的酒店中,该酒店被重新用作隔离疑似冠状病毒患者的场所

  • 德国报告说,冠状病毒病例数已上升到847例。一天之内增加了50个

  • 英国连锁超市Tesco对长寿牛奶、干面和抗菌产品等产品实施配给政策,因为恐慌性购买使货架上的商品被剥落

  • 意大利对其繁华的北部大片地区实行封锁,以遏制日益恶化的冠状病毒疫情,因为死亡和感染人数的激增使其成为中国以外受影响最严重的国家

  • 白宫说唐纳德-特朗普在华盛顿郊外参加为期四天的保守派会议回来后,并没有与一名冠状病毒检测呈阳性的人“亲密接触”

    • 。 有关疫情的所有最新信息,请访问FT的冠状病毒主页。
Pupils return to school in England in first step to ease lockdown
The return of millions of schoolchildren to classrooms in England from Monday is a “relief” for pupils, parents and teachers after more than two months of government enforced school closures, said Vicky Ford, minister for children. The reopening of schools is the first step of four in easing England’s third national lockdown that has been in place since early January. Tighter measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus are in place at secondary schools, such as mass testing and a strong recommendation to wear masks in tight spaces. “It’s actually a huge day for the whole country as we take the first step,” Ford said on BBC Breakfast. “Schools have been working so hard to get ready.” She echoed Susan Hopkins, deputy director of Public Health England, who said on Sunday that schools in England should not close their doors again even if the R number rises above 1. The latest figures estimate R, the number of people each infected person infects, at 0.7 to 0.9. If it goes past 1, that means infections will be again on the up. Despite the government officially allowing schools to reopen on Monday, the return for many students will be staggered as schools adapt to the mass testing regime. Rules for care homes have been relaxed as of Monday with residents permitted to receive visits from a nominated friend or relative. The easing of restrictions in England, helped by the rapid speed of the UK’s coronavirus vaccination drive, stands in contrast to the tightening or extension of restrictions in much of central Europe and regional lockdowns in neighbouring France.
儿童部长Vicky Ford表示,在政府强制关闭学校两个多月后,英格兰数百万学童从周一开始重返教室,这对学生、家长和教师来说是一种“解脱”。 学校重新开学是缓解英格兰自1月初以来第三次全国封锁的四项措施中的第一步。 中学采取了更严格的措施来防止冠状病毒的传播,如大规模测试和强烈建议在狭小空间内佩戴口罩。 "对整个国家来说,这其实是一个巨大的日子,因为我们迈出了第一步,"福特在BBC早餐上说。"学校一直在努力做好准备。" 她赞同英格兰公共卫生局副局长苏珊-霍普金斯(Susan Hopkins)周日表示,即使R人数上升到1以上,英格兰的学校也不应该再次关闭大门。最新的数据估计,R,即每个感染者感染的人数,在0.7到0.9之间。如果超过1,意味着感染率将再次上升。 尽管政府周一正式允许学校重新开学,但由于学校要适应大规模测试制度,许多学生的回归将是错开的。 从周一开始,护理院的规则已经放宽,居民可以接受指定朋友或亲属的探访。 在英国冠状病毒疫苗接种运动的快速帮助下,英格兰放宽限制,与中欧大部分地区收紧或扩大限制以及邻国法国的区域封锁形成鲜明对比。
Direct Line launches £100m share buyback after pandemic cuts motor claims
疫情削减汽车索赔后,Direct Line启动1亿英镑的股票回购-|-在大流行削减汽车索赔后,Direct Line启动了1亿英镑的股票回购-|-直接线推出大流行削减电机索赔后100万英镑的股票回购
Insurer Direct Line has launched a £100m share buyback after the pandemic reduced claims in its motor insurance business, as lockdowns forced drivers to stay at home. The company said on Monday that the Covid-19 crisis had delivered a “modest net benefit” to its 2020 results, with lower claims on motor and commercial policies offsetting much higher payouts on travel insurance. As well as launching the buyback, Direct Line increased its dividend by 2 per cent and said that it would hand £350 in shares to its employees. Overall pre-tax profit for the year dropped 11 per cent to £451m as an improvement in underwriting profit was offset by lower investment returns.
保险公司Direct Line发起了1亿英镑的股票回购,因为疫情减少了其汽车保险业务的索赔,因为封锁迫使司机呆在家里。 该公司周一表示,Covid-19危机为其2020年的业绩带来了“适度的净收益”,汽车和商业保单的索赔额降低,抵消了旅游保险的赔付额大大增加。 除了启动回购,Direct Line还将股息提高了2%,并表示将把350英镑的股票交给员工。 由于承保利润的改善被较低的投资回报所抵消,该年度整体税前利润下降11%至4.51亿英镑。
Senior swings to loss and says this year will be as challenging
Senior, the aircraft parts group, swung to a pre-tax loss for the full year as its operations were hit by the coronavirus pandemic and Boeing’s 737 Max crisis, and warned that it expected 2021 to be as challenging as the past 12 months. David Squires, chief executive, said the pandemic had a “profound effect on our markets and customers and, although there are some signs of stabilisation, the impact will be with us for some time to come”. Looking ahead to the rest of 2021 and given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, “we would expect overall group performance to be broadly similar to 2020”. The FTSE-250 company reported a pre-tax loss, including restructuring and other charges, of £191.8m for the year ending December 31, compared with a profit of £28.7m the previous year. Revenues were down 34 per cent to £733.6m. A restructuring programme, including the sale of non-core assets, was starting to pay dividends, the company said. Senior supplies parts, including airframes, to aircraft manufacturers. It said on Monday it was encouraged by the return to service of Boeing’s 737 Max whose grounding had severely impacted its operations in 2019. Shares in the company have rallied over the past six months, rising from 45p in October to 110p.
飞机零部件集团Senior因其业务受到冠状病毒大流行和波音737 Max危机的影响,全年税前亏损摇摆,并警告说,预计2021年将和过去12个月一样充满挑战。 首席执行官David Squires表示,疫情 "对我们的市场和客户产生了深远的影响,虽然有一些稳定的迹象,但影响将在未来一段时间内伴随我们"。 展望2021年余下的时间,考虑到疫情的不可预测性,"我们预计集团整体业绩将与2020年大致相似"。 这家FTSE-250公司报告,截至12月31日的年度,包括重组和其他费用在内的税前亏损为1.918亿英镑,而前一年的利润为2870万英镑。收入下降34%至7.336亿英镑。 该公司表示,包括出售非核心资产在内的重组计划开始产生效益。高级向飞机制造商提供包括机身在内的零部件。该公司周一表示,它对波音公司的737 Max恢复服务感到鼓舞,该公司的停飞严重影响了其2019年的业务。 该公司的股价在过去六个月中有所回升,从10月份的45便士上升到110便士。
Pearson unveils consumer-led strategy after blow from education’s digital shift
Pandemic pressures and the shift of education to online pushed Pearson’s revenue down last year, but the publisher pledged to return to “sustainable growth” as it unveiled a new direct-to-consumer, digital first strategy. The education company’s underlying revenue declined 10 per cent in 2020 as school and educational facility closures hit its global assessment and international learning businesses. Sales in US courseware, which have for years struggled to compete with a market for second-hand textbooks, also fell 13 per cent. Adjusted operating profit fell to £313m from £581m in 2019, with adjusted earnings per share after tax at 28.7p down from 57.8p. But some of the losses in revenue were offset by 18 per cent growth in its online learning business, driven by the growing need for virtual schooling during the pandemic. Its growth has offered hope for a new direct-to-consumer, technology-driven approach that the company said will give it a clearer identity and the promise of significant growth after a tumultuous decade. The company on Monday announced a new strategy that will see it focus on the rise in online learning, addressing the need for workforce skills, and meeting the “growing demand for dependable accreditation” while expanding from institutional sales through schools and colleges to a direct to consumer model. New chief executive Andy Bird, the former Disney chairman who joined the company last year, said he had “enormous optimism in the future” and that the company’s assets and new organisational structure would allow it to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a growing £5tr global learning market.
大流行病的压力和教育向在线的转变推动了培生去年的收入下降,但该出版商承诺将恢复“可持续增长”,因为它公布了一个新的直接面向消费者的数字第一战略。 由于学校和教育设施的关闭对其全球评估和国际学习业务造成冲击,这家教育公司2020年的基本收入下降了10%。多年来一直在努力与二手教科书市场竞争的美国课件的销售额也下降了13%。 调整后的营业利润从2019年的5.81亿英镑降至3.13亿英镑,调整后的每股税后收益从57.8便士降至28.7便士。 但部分收入损失被其在线学习业务18%的增长所抵消,增长的原因是大流行期间对虚拟学校教育的需求不断增加。它的增长为一种新的直接面向消费者、技术驱动的方法提供了希望,该公司表示,这种方法将使其拥有更明确的身份,并承诺在经历动荡的十年后实现大幅增长。 该公司周一宣布了一项新的战略,它将专注于在线学习的兴起,解决对劳动力技能的需求,并满足“日益增长的可靠认证需求”,同时从通过学校和学院的机构销售扩展到直接面向消费者的模式。 新任首席执行官安迪-伯德(Andy Bird)是去年加入该公司的前迪斯尼董事长,他说,他对“未来的前景非常乐观”,该公司的资产和新的组织结构将使其能够利用不断增长的5万英镑全球学习市场所提供的机会。



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